Smart Recent Post Widget for WordPress

Smart Recent Post plugin contains a widget for showing off the recent posts from your wordpress blog.

With this plugin you can choose number of posts to display, display featured image, dimensions of featured image, posts order, select the categories also. We are working on the advanced feature in this widget and will adding more options in the next version.

How to Install

– Upload smart-recent-post to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
– Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
– Head over the the widgets settings page and enable Smart Recent Post

Screen Shots

You can download this plugin from wordpress repository. Download

Author: Dheeraj Dhawan

I'm a web developer / PHP programmer. I am also working on custom plugin development of wordpress.

6 thoughts on “Smart Recent Post Widget for WordPress”

  1. Love this widget! quick question though, how do you make it so it doesn’t show gallery coding on the preview? it looks like this: [gallery link="post" ids="147,149"] This is a test page blah blah blah… more

    1. Open the plugin file (index.php) and search for “$this->get_excerpt($exp_length)” and replace it with “strip_shortcodes($this->get_excerpt($exp_length))”. This will solve your problem 🙂

  2. I’m trying to scale my thumbnail images to a max width of 50px. Vertical images seems to just be compressed no matter what I try.

    max-width:50px; height:auto; is not working.
    max-height:75px; width:auto; does however scale proportionally for both vertical and horizontal images.

    Any ideas?

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